Case Studies on SLYMS

The Output involves the recording of concrete case studies/good practices concerning young volunteers’ learning through organizing sociocultural events within the context of Multilingualism Feast based on SLYMS model. Case studies will be explanatory, descriptive and exploratory, covering a wide variety of the sociocultural events organized according to SLYMS model, representing (the extent possible) different types of art, organizational contexts, skills and
competences young volunteers can acquire through them.
Case Studies on SLYM model will:
• demonstrate the potential and importance of learning pathways through social multicultural events approaches in providing opportunities to spark conversation, critical thinking, and cultivation of soft skills necessary for a sustainable life.
• enhance public recognition of the multifaceted landscape of non-formal and informal learning through social multicultural events.
The output will also provide an informative and inspiring collection of well-tested approaches, on which potential research can be build, promoting the implementation of quality assurance in non-formal and informal learning in youth work. The collection will be accessible to organisations and individuals involved in programs related to youths’ development via the e-Platform, ensuring transferring of conclusions to future actions.