Training of Trainers

The output involves the development of a Training of Trainers’ material which incorporates and joints together the values, the cognitive schemes and the demands of different cultures, considering what skills they want to develop or cultivate, such as intercultural sensitivity, communication skills, critical literacy skills in order to promote critically think and deconstruct dominant public discourses about racism, immigration, multiculturalism etc.

The material will be used for training Youth workers, volunteers and high school teachers in the proposed sociocultural model of learning (SLYMS) involving non-formal and informal learning practices.
Trainers are gaining pedagogical and methodological experiences which will enrich their work with new teaching ideas and will be familiarized with educational strategies for vulnerable youth groups.

The material presented in electronic format, in a structure that reveals the application to specific learning scenarios and the desired learning outcomes, including detailed instructions and achievable competences in terms of knowledge, skills and attributes.