9th Festival of Multilingualism

The Multilingual Festival 2021 with the support of the European Program SLYMS ERASMUS + YOUTH (Sociocultural Learning for Youth in Mobile Societies) by expanding the horizons of urban resilience through cultural and innovative activities Multilingual of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, at the end of June through video conference and simultaneous video streaming on the program channel. The program, due to the restrictive measures in the mass gatherings due to covid-19, aims at the realization of its planning with internet activities and at the same time moves the events in public space in future time.
With digital encounters, the project team will frame education, art, science in all directions through the live streaming of its channels, teleconferences and radio shows.
In particular, the 9th Multilingualism Festival will digitally program its contact with foreign language communities, teachers, parents, institutions and citizens, seeking to be for another year not only a pole of attraction for all citizens, but a democratic laboratory of coexistence and birthplace of even more synergies.

Digital Events
Experiential workshops

“Organization of experiential actions and consultations with the participation of multilingual students – The experience and suggestions of ΠΡΩΤΑ 12”. Giorgos Moschos, a lawyer-trainer, former Child Advocate, founding member of the Initiative for Article 12 (ΠΡΩΤΑ 12)

“Multilingual Narrative Workshops” with the participation of narrator Rodanthi Dimitresi and natural storytellers from various countries – Action Art

Live Libraries: Multilingual Stories on the Journey to a Multilingual Cafe

Digital Forum Good Practice Exchange

Innovative approaches of the Social Organizations will be presented, which are active inside and outside the city of Thessaloniki as well as creative actions, more open by the teachers of the primary and secondary schools.

The schools present the digital presentation of the actions of the schools and educational institutions.

Co-formative meetings

The international team of the SLYMS Program will discuss the SLYMS training manual. The meetings are aimed at developing the tools for teachers/educators to take advantage of the intercultural exploitation of the community, the pedagogy of the public in education, the educational management of multilingualism.

Organization of a socio-cultural repository of multilingual and intercultural materials of the Multilingual Festivals. The action includes meetings and training of the members of the Multilingual Festivals in the recording and creation of intercultural textbooks with their efforts to be used in education.

Internet meetings on the radio ``starclassic.gr``

The shows will host the city’s diverse communities and intercultural programs within and outside the borders.

Multilingual coffee


a) African languages in the French-speaking part of the city,

b) The language tree in the streets of the city.

In these coffee meetings, the research of schools on the multilingualism of the city, the school and the family will be presented digitally, and finally, Acquaintance with the communities and the languages of the city.

Coffee / Multilingual Chocolate

for Parents and for children with the participation of the Big Bang School and the School of Nature

Digital bank of thought

for the transition to an uncharted world of a new definition of the resilience of modern societies with themes:

a) “Prospects for a European Youth Education in Volunteering”. The issue concerns curricula, mobility networks, initiatives of institutions, academic institutions, NGOs and organizations operating in Europe in favour of young people and volunteering.

b) “Organization of an electronic art library for multilingualism and culture”

Online Conference (Web Conference)


“The multiculturalism of Thessaloniki through the architecture of modern times”. Academic and distinguished art historians and architects of the city will talk about multiculturalism in Thessaloniki. The conference will be broadcast live on youtube and there will be the possibility of sending comments-questions from the participants, with immediate feedback from the speakers.

Open digital meetings on:

“Young people in vulnerability and modern learning paths. Towards an inclusive education “. The open discussion will take place with the participation of unaccompanied adolescents, young people in integration or relocation. The development of the theme includes the dynamics of local development and the integration of young people through cultural projects and social events of inter-locality.