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Ethnography is the best way to unearth the values, attitudes and practices of the young people of the study. It is a systematic approach to comprehending the social and cultural life of young people from vulnerable social settings. The main aim is to gain deeper understanding of their social reality, however the issue of the de-colonialization of this methodology still matters.

Ethnographic fieldwork and interviews will be conducted at shelters on Greece and Spain. It will be based on the Literature and Practices Review (output 1, 01). Our aim is to compare the findings of the two small scale ethnographies (in Greece and Spain) in order to find similarities and differences. Unstructured or semi-structured interviews will be conducted with key young participants and youth workers, since they will consent to participate to the research. Consent forms will be delivered to them following the formal ethical guidelines of EU and European Committee. The semi-constructed interviews will involve both close and open-ended questions. Visual media such as photos or videos will be used, if the participants give their consent. Open-ended focused interviews will be also conducted, in which a small group of young people will be asked to talk about their favorite goods (clothes, activities, gadgets) for example, or their dreams and desires, in order to encourage a gradual transition to a narrative interview. The interview will initially use simple, straightforward questions, asking for descriptions, which should leave room for personal remarks. Moreover, the majority of the questions will be open-ended, because young people will be thus free to formulate their replies in the way they want. All of this material will be collected either on English or in original languages (Greek and Spanish). The transcribed interviews’ documents will be stored in a private database of the project.


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