Open debate on the organization of the 7th multilingual festival

Open debate on the organization of the 7th multilingual festival

On December 5, at 6.30 pm, the first information meeting of the Municipality of Thessaloniki with the Bodies, Organizations, the educational and academic community, the city consulates and embassies, open to the citizens, took place at the Municipal Council Hall of the Town Hall, in order to become the starting point  of  the preparations for the 7th Multilingual Festival. The attendees participated in the discussion on the organization of the 7th Feast events, which will be held at the Port of Thessaloniki and other places from Tuesday 28/05/2019 to Sunday 02/06/2019.

The 7th Multilingual Festival, through the project SLYMS (Socio-cultural Learning of Youth in Moblie Societies),  is under the umbrella of the European programme  ERASMUS +.

At this meeting, presentation of the actions of the previous festivities was also presented, as well as the presentation of the SLYMS Project, which will educate and integrate into its research area teachers, young people, volunteers, institutions and institutions in order to develop certified tools for working with the youth and youth workers.

The presentation was made by the Scientific Officer of the Feast and a member of the SLYMS Group Dr. Argyro Moumtzidou.

Discussions followed presentations of previous festivals’ projects, clarification questions.

The project’s e-mail addresses, e-platform, logos, and delivery schedules were provided during the meeting.

The meeting was attended by Mayor of the city Mr. Yannis Boutaris, Deputy Mayor of Education and Sports Mr. Alexandros Barbounakis, Head of the Department of Programs and Lifelong Learning of the Directorate of Education and Sport of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Mrs. Anta Fotopoulou, the scientific director of the 7th Multilingual Festival Dr. Argyro Moumtzidou, members of the Department of Programs and Lifelong Learning, Mr. Ioannis Stathopoulos as well as members of the SLYMS Project Team Mr. Ioannis Kozaris, Mr. Ioannis Phehtelidis, Mrs. Eleni Koliarou.

The event broadcasted by a well-known TV channel in the city (TV 100) as well as the online radio station

The event was attended by more than 70 people. More than 1000 recipients have been informed about the event (e-mail list of the Municipality of Thessaloniki), social networks and platforms such as the AUTh platform (for all members of the academic community of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), the University of Thessaly (, social partners such as StarClassic radio (, FM100, FM100.6, ERT3.