Open Zone in Socio-cultural Learning of Youth

Open Zone in Socio-cultural Learning of Youth

As communication  sponsor, StarClassic Radio (, in collaboration with organizations, national institutions, municipalities and citizens, is organizing the show in the framework of its participation in the Erasmus+ project  SLYMS (Socio-cultural Learning for Young People in Mobility Communities) organise a monthly broadcast with  “Open Zone in Socio-cultural Youth Learning”.

The broadcast is devoted to the project for dissemination and discuss on the results and activities, including socio-cultural learning topics for young people in environments of exceptional mobility, as well as community integration projects through art, communication, and culture.

The show is attended by: Dr. Argyro Moumtzidou and Dr. Yiannis Kozaris.

Την εκπομπή επιμελούνται και παρουσιάζουν: η Δρ Αργυρώ Μουμτζίδου και ο Δρ Γιάννης Κόζαρης.

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